NOVEMBER 1, 2023

Man Made Lumpkins!

Reportedly, an Ohio Farmer named John M. Czeski perfected his experiment to grow pumpkins with human faces in 1938. You can search out farmers today growing pumpkins into more fanciful Halloween themed faces.

Farmer Grows Pumpkins with Human Faces

Pumpkins with human faces have been produced by John M. Czeski, Ohio farmer, after four years of experimenting. To grow the novel fruit, Czeski fashions an aluminum mold of the head he wants to reproduce, and places it around a growing pumpkin approximately the size of a small grapefruit. After the pumpkin has expanded enough to fill the inside contours, the mold is removed. The print of the features remains as the pumpkin continues to grow, and the final result is a lifelike full-size image in the ripened fruit.

If you need more proof of Mr. Czeski’s work, it is reported this cast iron mold was up for sale in 2016.

I discovered this historical anecdote in 2022, and a few weeks later my son carved this jack-o-lantern of me (with help from Mom).

Also, in 2022 I began sculpting and casting my version of a sentient pumpkin, inspired by vintage Halloween greeting cards. Enfleshed by the spirit of goblins, I call them Lumpkins.

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NOVEMBER 14, 2022

Success! After much mold tweaking this weekend I managed perfect casts today. Lots of sprues and cleanup, but that was to be expected with an object this small that’s being cast in one piece. Feel the spice, soon!
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November 10, 2022


October 24, 2022

     After nearly a month of sickness and delays the Lumpkin Goblin Pumpkin 2" capsule figure is finally enfleshing. This mischief loving living pumpkin is inspired by vintage Hallowe'en cards.

Lumpkin Goblin Pumpkin 2 inch capsule toy: WIP.

October 12, 2022

‘Lumpkin’ sketch: Pumpkin goblins, pumpkin flesh.
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Lumpkin goblin pumpkin wip sketch.